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What is coactive?

coactive is a data analytics platform by Coactive AI for data practitioners (e.g., data scientists, machine learning engineers, etc.) who work with ** unstructured visual data (i.e. images and videos) at a massive scale. coactive enables these data practitioners to unlock the value of their visual data in real-time through core functions such as intelligent search and analytical queries**.

What problems does coactive solve?

  • Lack of metadata
    Metadata for images and videos is often incomplete, inaccurate, or completely lacking.

  • Enormous volumes
    Visual data is large, which requires careful and efficient processing.

  • Domain specific
    Visual concepts are often nuanced in ways that existing solutions fail to capture.

These challenges render visual data ineffective for driving actionable insights rapidly.

coactive gives you access to scalable, enterprise-grade core functions that solve these problems - all while integrating with the data stack your team already knows and loves.

Example Use Cases

1. Visual Content Moderation for Trust and Safety

In platforms and communities powered by user-generated content (e.g., Snapchat, Tiktok, Meta, Imgur, etc.), visual content is uploaded at high volumes and shared rapidly. Unwanted visual content poses a great risk in this context if it goes undetected, degrading both individual user experiences and platform perception.

Using coactive, visual content moderation can be automated and customized to your individual trust and safety guidelines.

For example, you can use coactive to identify problematic trends in real-time (e.g., a violent video going viral) and stop unwanted visual content at the source.

2. Intelligent Search for Visual Content Understanding

In organizations where the creation and curation of visual assets plays a critical role (e.g., e-commerce, retail, marketing), management of these assets is crucial. Moreover, as the number of these visual assets grow, discoverability and recommendation solutions become increasingly important to be able to leverage your content.

Using coactive, you can perform intelligent search over your unstructured visual data to understand your content and find the visual assets you are looking for, even when no metadata is available.

For example, you can use coactive to search through millions of images to find those that match a given text description (e.g., "a green dress on a mannequin"), and to recommend products from your catalog that most closely match a user's uploaded image on social media.

3. Real-time Visual Analytics

In organizations where a quantitative understanding of user engagement is crucial, teams and products are guided by analytics and metrics. As more user interactions move towards visual experiences (e.g., live-streaming on social media), real-time analytics of this visual content will play a critical role in guiding product and company decisions.

Using coactive, you can perform real-time analytics of your unstructured visual data using SQL, and readily integrate these results with your existing data pipelines.

For example, you can use coactive to understand a viral meme on your platform by answer quantitative questions such as:

  1. How many images and videos contain this viral meme?
  2. How many images with this meme were uploaded in the past hour? Does this vary by category?
  3. When did this viral trend start? Is it a growing trend?

Answering these questions about a viral trend in a timely fashion is critical in powering downstream applications that focus on content recommendations, advertising, and user engagement.

Why coactive?

Building the capabilities for the above uses cases requires cross-functional collaboration across teams proficient in:

  1. Data Engineering to process large volumes of visual data.
  2. Machine Learning for classification.
  3. Data Science to make sense of the results.
  4. Software Engineering to serve the results.

Beyond the large talent and time resources needed, such a solution requires a high degree of coordination and hand-offs.

Using coactive, you can immediately begin to drive value from your visual data using our simple web UX or programmatically using our Python SDK.


See our quickstart for the fastest way to get started answering questions about your image and video data.

See our tutorials for the fastest way to get started in our most common use cases:

Please refer to the documentation for the various ways to interact with the Coactive platform and view a full list of functionality.