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A request to create a dataset


Name Type Description Notes
name str The name of the dataset
storage_type StorageTypeEnum
description str, none_type The description of the dataset [optional]
data_path str, none_type An S3 path prefix for all images and videos to add to the dataset [optional]
csv_path str, none_type An path to a previously uploaded CSV file containing data paths [optional]
metadata_path str, none_type An optional S3 path for a CSV file containing any metadata for your images and videos that should be available to query query [optional]
encoder str, none_type The name of the encoder to transform your image and video data [optional]
credentials_id str, none_type The id of the credentials to use to access external data [optional]
ocr bool, none_type Enable OCR (optical character recognition) for all assets in this dataset [optional]
keyframe_sampling_method KeyframeSamplingMethodEnum, none_type [optional]
keyframe_uniform_fps_sampling_rate float, none_type Num of keyframes/sec to sample from videos if using uniform sampling method [optional]

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